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Capitol Chiropractic Looks At The Big Picture For Lasting Results

Author: Giovanna Marcus  -  Photo Credit: Lisa Owen Scott 

Patients often come to Capitol Chiropractic for the first time in pain and full of questions. They wonder if they will ever heal and be able to return to the activities that they love, or even their job in some cases. For many, their health issues have begun to inter-fere with their normal lifestyle, energy levels, and freedom they once had.

“Patients want to know if we have seen anyone with problems like theirs, and we’re able to tell them. Yes, we are able to help people with conditions like theirs,” says founder, Dr. Don Lathrop.

The eight practitioners are experts in their given field of chiroprac-tic, massage, and acupuncture care. They all share the under-standing that the state of optimal well being is a balance between their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Capitol Chiropractic’s group of practitioners also share the goal of creating the correct alignment between the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. When a person’s spine is in proper alignment, the nervous system has the capacity to function at its optimum level and increases overall wellbeing.

Capitol Chiropractic, founded in 1990, is a place where the inter-disciplinary approach is highly valued. “There is more than one way to treat a condition and having multiple therapies is some-times necessary to resolve certain conditions,” says Dr. Lathrop. 

His vision was to create a network of providers who get to the root cause of their patient’s pain or problem. “We ask what they want to be able to do that they can’t do right now and we make that our goal,” he says. 

What makes Capitol Chiropractic stand out is a true collaborative spirit. At their office a chiropractor, massage therapist, and acu-puncturist often work together to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan for a shared patient. A pain in the shoulder can start in the neck, low back, or even the feet. One or all therapies may help in resolving the pain.  

Patients today have good questions and are very informed. They are also looking for solutions without drugs. Dr.Lathrop and his team attend seminars regularly to stay apprised of new ideas and to improve upon their experience in their specific field. Their con-tinuing trainings include injury prevention, extremity care, manual therapies, stretching and exercise protocols, nutrition, Bio-Cranial, Kinesio Taping, Sports Medicine, Traction, and Decompression.

Additionally, Dr. Lathrop and his team are passionate about nutrition and overall self-care. Inflammation is a common cause of patient issues, and this often starts with what the patients put in their bodies. 

Many patients’ problems can be traced back to diet or chemicals in the home. The team sees firsthand how the negative effects of chemical and environmental toxins create a cascade of ill health.

“Corn and oats inflame cows’ stomachs, causing their milk and the beef to contain inflamed properties, so when we turn around and eat it, we can become inflamed ourselves. Cows naturally feed on grass, so it’s critical that the products we purchase from cows should be non GMO and grass fed,” says Dr. Lathrop. 

As for the employees who make Capitol Chiropractic so special, theirs is an assemblage of committed practitioners who have dedicated their lives to help others enjoy life again. Each practi-tioner at Capitol Chiropractic has a unique gift that they bring to their patients. 

Julia Lea, massage practitioner, practices Zen Bodywork, a form based off the teachings of Ida Rolf. Julia integrates her energy work into her treatment sessions which enhances the outcome of her care. Julia's grounded demeanor comes from her commitment to spirituality and meditation, a practice that she integrates into her massages.

During a visit with Patricia Winters, LMP, she comments that my muscles feel dehydrated, and explains how that causes other problems that we don't normally identify with. Patricia's massages help the body move away from pain.  

Laura Johnson-Sweeney, LMP, has been doing massages for twelve plus years. Laura's goal is treating people who have been injured in an accident, to reach pre-injury health and educate them on the long term benefits of preventive care.

Lyndsie Holmes, LMP, is passionate about assisting athletes in balancing overdeveloped and underdeveloped muscles. Her goal is to keep the athlete in their game, having good recovery so they can train and compete with minimal down time. 

Suzie Sund, LMP, trained in Zen Bodywork, a whole body treatment.  She also has a specific niche working in collaboration with her clients’ dentists and orthodontists treating those who have TMJ and symptoms such as facial pain, headache, jaw pain, dizziness, ringing in the ear, and neck pain. Utilizing her experience with trigger point therapy, Suzie sees dramatic long term benefits using Zen Bodywork.

Danette Bakewell, LMP, enjoys helping resolve issues with her deep tissue massage. Danette is skilled in injury cases, under-standing that after an accident injuries are often slow to appear and can take weeks to make themselves known. With massage, the body relaxes so the issues can be resolved.

Judy Bernard, EAMP, L.Ac, has a healing technique that extends beyond acupuncture, incorporating sound healing with gongs and Acutonics® tuning forks to raise her patient’s natural vibrational frequencies. The tuning forks are applied to acupuncture points, creating flow within the body and removing stagnation. Her treat-ments balance the person, reduce pain, and reconnect people with themselves. 

Judy first came to acupuncture for her own symptoms of severe sinus headaches that were not alleviated by her medical doctor. She also recommends Acupuncture/ Acutonics®  treatments for a variety of issues including the flu, digestive issues, menopause symptoms and body pain.
The team of providers have the philosophy that the body was de-signed to heal, especially if we listen to the clues it sends us. They believe and know that most people will get better because they see that happen every day. 

To make an appointment with Capitol Chiropractic's team, call (360) 352-2488. The office is conveniently located at 1728 State Ave NE Olympia, WA 98506. You can also visit them on the web at http://www.lathropdc.com