Chiropractic Testimonials

“My daughter can do much more than she could before the first time she saw Dr. McCollough.”

- Sarah G.

Chris K., who was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in1994, suffered severe muscle spasms in her back and was unable to sleep because of the pain. She went from doctor to doctor, physical therapy, medications, but still had severe pain and no sleep. She was even told at one point it was all in her head. Then she started doing research and suspected she may have a misalignment of the C1 vertebrae. She contacted Dr. McCullough after seeing an article in the paper about their practice and went to see them. They took x-rays and did an adjustment and within an hour the spasms were completely gone.

“I was making a u-turn and realized I wasn’t having neck or back pain and I was amazed” said Chris. “Not only have the McCulloughs helped me physically, they’ve helped me mentally. Now I am always in a good mood and I’m sleeping 8 hours a night. I urge anyone who has Fibromyalgia to see the McCulloughs, because their treatment works”.

- Chris K.


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