Capitol Chiropractic & Family Wellness Center


Your nervous system is made up of the brain, spinal cord and nerves.  The bones of your body, especially the vertebrae surrounding your spinal cord, protect and provide continuous feedback for your nervous system.  If the vertebrae and the bones of the body function and move properly the nervous system responds and does its job to maintain optimal health.  Falls, injuries, bad posture, stress and other conditions can interfere with this process resulting in health complaints.  Chiropractic spinal care doctors check for dysfunction and then work with the patient in a variety of ways to assist the body to return to optimal health.


If you are not sure if your insurance will cover your treatment, it is best to give your insurance company a call and check to see if you are covered for chiropractic, acupuncture or massage therapy.

Insurances covered:
Aetna, Healthways, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, CIgna, First Choice Retail Clerks, Carpenters Trust, Group Health, KPS, Lifewise, Operating Engineers, Pacific Care, Premera, Secure Horizons, Regence, Regence Blue Shield, Uniform (UMP), United Healthcare, ACN Need Approval, and Zenith Administrators